This is our specialty and the origin of our company.

Elastic fabrics in our line differ in two main categories and them are divided into two subgroups.

- Elastics Simple (Plain Stretch Woven): Composed of elastic tissue within the meaning of elasticity, can be divided into two subgroups:

  Monoelastics: These are fabrics whose sense of elasticity it is in one-way direction. According to the ergonomics of the garment and the sense that specify the orientation of the elasticity, we incorporate the elasticity in the longitudinal or transverse.

  Bielastic: Those whose sense of elastic fabric it is in two-ways directions. This provides a very high level of user comfort of the garment.

- Elastic double-weaving (Double Weave): Consists of double knitting fabrics whose main characteristic is the mix of different surfaces with an inner loop, in order to provide the best performance. Thus, we combine polyester and polyamide surfaces with cotton inner, Coolmax®, Thermolite®, Kevlar® or Twaron®, Merino, etc., that provide maximum comfort to the user. As in the case of simple elastic, can be monoelastic or bielastic.

Depending on the type of fiber used, the elastic fabric of our production can be included within the following lines:

IBQ NATWEB®: Made by fabrics with partial or total content of cotton in its composition. Cotton provides a natural touch and pleasing to the tissue. There is the possibility of working with organic cotton, when necessary to the final customer.

IBQ DRYKEEP®: Made by fabrics whose main characteristic is an excellent humidity transfer. This feature is provided using materials such as Thermocool®, Coolmax®, Drirelease® Cotton, Minerale®, Cocona® or whose technology is based on the increased surface area of the threads that forms it. So that, this fabrics contributes to a faster evacuation / dispersion of humidity. Similarly, the construction of our items always play with different densities between surfaces to facilitate the evacuation of humidity from the interior to the surface and also the dispersion of humidity once they reach the surface, which accelerates the rate of drying of the garment.

IBQ THERMASKIN®: Made with fabrics whose main characteristic is an excellent insulating capacity. This feature is provided using materials such as Thermolite®, Thermocool® or other yarns with insulation capacity as merino wool or Drirelease Wool®. Also, we play with construction and finishes that enhance the thermal capacity and / or insulating material, thereby giving greater comfort.

IBQ STRONGFLEX®: Made with para-aramid fiber, providing maximum resistance against external aggressions such as cutting, tenacity, the jab, etc. These tissues have ended all or part of threads like Kevlar®, Twaron®, Technora®, HMPE, etc..

IBQ DURATEC®: Made with fabrics whose main characteristic is to have excellent resistance against abrasion and friction. These fabrics are made using such as Cordura® yarn and polyester yarn, high tenacity polyamide.

DYNAMIC IBQ WOOL®: Made with fabrics with a total or partial content of wool. Normally we work with micron merino wool. This gives the maximum capillary to the garments, while optimizing the level of coverage of the tissues and provides an excellent level of insulation.

IBQ PROTECT®: Made with fabrics created to protect the wearer from heat hazards, electrical, static, etc. This line is composed of fabrics with inherently FR thread.

IBQ PLYTWO®: Made compound fabrics glued together face to mix the properties for a global solution with the combination. Depending on the type of employment, we have two subcategories within the line IBQ PLYTWO®:

 - PlyTwo Hotmelt: Formed by a composite of three layers in which both fabrics are bound together by a windproof membrane. With this combination we get softshells shelterbelts, which in turn are also slightly waterproof and hydro external repellence. Although, its breathability is not the highest.

 - PlyTwo: Formed by a composite of two layers in which both fabrics are linked together through a process of lamination glue points. This system gives the resulting softshell the following characteristics: light weight, malleability, high breathability, high air-flow, slightly repellent windbreaker and hydro abroad. By contrast, these fabrics can not be categorized as wind-stoppers or waterproof.

IBQ DRYBUBBLE®: This is our line of higher-end softshells. As PlyTwo Hotmelt® line, it is formed by a combination of three layers with an intermediate membrane. The big difference is that the membrane is much more breathable and structure gives the fabric a high water column

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