Many of the products in our line are designed for applications in reinforcements or in areas exposed to greater punishment.

Thus, many fabrics of our line of reinforcements are developed with yarns such as Cordura®, which resist abrasion extreme situations, such as p-aramides (Kevlar® or Twaron®), or HMPE, that resist the cut, or as ceramic compounds, which provide very good resistance to abrasion while resisting the high temperatures caused during extreme friction.

According to its composition, IBQ Fabrics® reinforcements line can be divided into:

IBQ STRONGFLEX®: Made with fabrics containing para-aramid fiber with a view to provide maximum resistance against external aggressions such as cutting, tenacity, the jab, etc. These fabrics have ended all or part of threads like Kevlar®, Twaron®, Technora ®, HMPE, etc..

IBQ DURATEC®: Made with fabrics whose main characteristic is to have excellent resistance against abrasion and friction. These fabrics are made using yarns such as Cordura® and polyester, high tenacity polyamide.

IBQ CERAMICS®: Made with induction that allows these fabrics to be extremely resistant to abrasion. Moreover, reinforcements  of the IBQ CERAMICS® line provide a good level of grip and slip, which, for example, allows you to use in areas such as shoulders, in cases where we need a good level of grip on the garment (skies carry or wear a backpack, etc.); all this thanks to a rubber component in its composition.

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