The softshell concept has evolved from its original concept in which it established that a combination of two fabrics whose characteristics were:

1) Way stretch outer fabric, polyamide and primarily hydro-repellent finish outside the compound that provides good elasticity, strength and durability

2) High breathable membrane with good water column

3) Lining knit, primarily to provide the antipilling micropolar composite thermal insulation, comfort and volume.

Today has been part and parcel of the concept of softshell fabrics as both flat knit, whether or not they have some elasticity and the only generic concept that includes this term is that it is a composite of various fabrics with or without membrane.

Our line of softshells is determined in two large groups. Basically determined by the type of bonding / membrane is used. Thus, these are:

IBQ PLYTWO: Made compound fabrics glued together face to mix the properties in order to obtain a global solution with the combined. Depending on the type of employment, we have two subcategories within IBQ PLYTWO line:

- PlyTwo Hotmelt: Formed by a composite of three layers in which both fabrics are bound together by a windproof membrane. With this combination we get softshells shelterbelts, which in turn are also slightly waterproof and hydro external repellence. Although, its breathability is not the highest.

- PlyTwo: Formed by a composite of two layers in which both tissues are linked together through a process of lamination glue points. This system gives the resulting softshell the following characteristics: light weight, malleability, high breathability, high air-flow, slightly repellent windbreaker and hydro abroad. By contrast, these fabrics can not be categorized as wind-stopper or waterproof.

IBQ DRYBUBBLE: softshells line is our highest end. As PlyTwo hotmelt line, it is formed by a combination of three layers with an intermediate membrane. The big difference is that the membrane is much more breathable and its structure gives a high water column to the fabric.

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