Fabrics of various weights and compositions designed for use in several kind of sports. The main factors we have taken into account when creating these articles have been:

a) Control of humidity and temperature. For extreme heat, try our shirt fabrics with our technology or use DrykeepMC® special garments with fast drying characteristics such as Coolmax® or use fabrics of different structure and density in order to removal of humidity and thus dry quickly.

However, for situations of extreme cold, use strings whose structure allows optimum insulation, keeping a constant body temperature.

b) Physical strength of our materials: When designing our shirt articles, we consider the use that our customers are going to make with our products. Thus, our products have a high resistance to abrasion and pilling. At the same time, we use the easy-care system, very useful for those cases where we do not have time enough to iron the clothes between one activity an the next one. Finally, note that all dyes used in the manufacturing process are guaranteed a very good fastness to washing, ie have the property to maintain constant colour even after repeated washings.

c) UV protection: This is also crucial for users to develop their activities in the mountains and outdoors. All our references shirts have a UPF factor that guarantees a minimum total protection against ultraviolet rays. We obtain this high value of protection through the use of specific threads, combined with a certain constructions of matter, guaranteeing such protection.

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