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Sales conditions

1-The trading transaction starts with the order issued by the Buyer to the Seller. For it to achieve contractual validity, the seller has to send to the buyer a confirmation in writing containing the following information: quantity, price, delivery and other specific conditions.

2-The completion of the present order remains subjected to the obtainment of a sufficient cover from our insurance company.

3-Our company must send to the buyer a conformation of the requests he received. This must be done directly or through our agents within a period of 10 working days from the day that the request is received in writing.

4-The shipping of the fabric is at the risk and danger of the buyer, even though it is being sold C.I.F. By "delivery" it is meant consignment of the goods to the forwarding agent. Seller's obligations are fulfilled through this act. The Seller is entitled to a period of grace of 10 working days for delivery. Partial deliveries are permitted.

5-In the case of the C.I.F sale and C.& F, we would have the right to choose the carrier.

6-Allowance. Measures are subject to following allowances: width +/- 3%, weight, piece length, amount delivered +/- 10%.

7-In case the buyer wishes to confirm dye lots, colours or quality before the merchandise leaves, the buyer will have to respond in a maximum of 48 hours after receiving the swatches. If one does not reply the delivery date will be changed.

8-The claims by defects will have to be made in writing less than 15 days from the date that the fabric is received. One must also send the sample swatches with the defects. The seller is not responsible for the suitability of goods for the end use decided by the buyer.

9-We do not accept claims when the merchandise has been treated, transformed or used by the buyer.

10-The claims by hidden defects would have to be made in writing up to 8 days from the moment in which they were found and they must be proven reasonably and no later than 3 months after the shipping date. We are only able to accept the claim for the value of the fabric and nothing else whatsoever.

11-No fabric can be returned without the written approval of the company beforehand.

12-The fabric remains property of our company until all payment is completed; even if the manufacture process has been started or completed.

13-The payments must be made only to our company or our agents if they are authorized by our company in writing.

14-After the due payment date, we charge according to the interest rate in Spain at the time and we increase that by 2%.

15-If for any reason a customer delays a payment or if the credit line has been cut or reduced, our company then has the right to keep the fabric or even cancel the order.

16-In the case of ´force majeure´ our company does not have any responsibility. Refer to all the terms in the contract.

17-No agent, employee or representative will have the authority to modify or withdraw any of the clauses in this contact.

18.- Once the order has been confirmed by the seller, no alterations on it will be accepted unless expressly consented by the later. Should the buyer want to totally or partially cancel the order, this must be reported to the seller within the first 10 days after the confirmation of the order. The buyer must report the greige forecast to the seller in writing, indicating its provision forecasts; the greige will be valid when accepted by the seller. Order cancellations need to be confirmed by the seller.

19- The VAT (value added tax), or other applicable taxes, will be added in the invoice.

20- Should any divergence between the Seller and the Buyer arise, both parts will be subjected to the juridiction of the Courts of Barcelona.

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