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2017-09-13 | NEWS

One step further going to the full recycling concept, closing the circle and guaranteeing a clear traceability on the recycling process.

IBQ is committed to taking care of the environment using existing resources, with the aim of making our world a more sustainable place.


2017-01-31 | LAST NEWS

In only 4 days!! Next February 5th over 2,700 international exhibitors present their newest products from the fields of: Outdoor, Ski, Action, Sportmode, Performance Sports, Textilien, Health & Fitness, and Sourcing. Get ready for four action-packed days, trends and networking with experts. IBQ Fabrics will be there!!!!! HALL C3 BOOTH 404.

Happy New Year 2017!!

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2016-08-05 | LAST NEWS

Lately, IBQ has been developing new fabrics in response to new trends and market needs. Continuing with our commitment to provide comfort and protection we present our new collections:

-       A new line of Bi-Stretch fabrics, e.g. MAK 3A with a high Abrasion resistance (MIN 120.000)  its stretch capacity in four-ways gives extra comfort, perfect for smart clothing, such as jackets, trousers, and much more due to its modern look and soft hand feel .

-       The lighter fabrics on the market: TEPPANYAKI (110g/m2) and our exclusive Prototype 4105 (55 g/m2)light weight + high breaking resistance, these fabrics have been expertly engineered to meet the specific needs of the modern day client, who demands fabrics with the highest level of functionality.

-       We also present our latest collection “Back to Black”, our well-known fabrics with Dyneema fiber SASHIMI, TOSAMI, FUTOMAKI,NORIMAKI, TEPPANYAKI and the new UDON, all of them in color BLACK

These fabrics are suitable for a wide range of sportswear, outdoor and workwear applications due to their high tenacity in different weights, hand feel and mechanical properties.

-       The last but not the least our BLACK KEVLAR COLLECTION. Approved by DuPont, the most reliable brand fiber of the market. The lightness and exceptional breaking strength of these fabrics make them ideal for reinforcements and protection apparel: AMATISTA, CALCITA, DOLOMITA , DIABASA, ANDESITA, DIORITA, and BASALTO.


We invite to you to visit our web site and check the technical information of these new fabrics, this area allows you to explore the many fabric options that we have to offer.

Simply browse the catalogue to discover the many beneficial and practical functions of each of our fabrics. You can decide which fabric is right for you using our recommendations, and uses which is included within the fabric descriptions. For further information please feel free to contact us. 

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